Privacy and value

How it works?

Our software can be used by all the industries that exercise their profession and job through
the screen of a computer, tablet, cell phone, and work remotely.

It is so easy to get started. Just download Privacy and Value, and sign in with your personal email to create your account.

Our software is user-friendly. With just a click, you can start calculating your working time and show reports that can help you and your employer track your achievements.

Why P&V?

Privacy and Value makes employees feel comfortable while working and encourages them to be productive.

Using Privacy and Value while working, increases the productivity of each employee, and also gives high potential to the company to be one of the most valued.

How to use P&V Software step by step.

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Privacy and Value intro.

How to use dashboard?

How to add employees?

How to monitor employees?

How to register a Manager?

Scheduling and its importance.

How to add projects?

How to appoint tasks to your employees?

Invoices and Chat Communications.

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